About Vanessa

Vanessa Workman joined the Muir Beach community two years ago, along with her husband, Jamie Workman, and their two children (age 8 and 11). Vanessa has a long career in governmental work and communications, particularly involving global developmental aid agencies in the field of water & environmental science. She is also an award-winning filmmaker. Vanessa serves the CSD in all things related to Communications, Fire and Recreation.

Save the date: Your newly elected Marin County Supervisor Rodoni responds to inquiries in Muir Beach!

Dennis Rodoni, the very new Marin County Supervisor in charge of district 4, will give us the honor of attending the CSD meeting May 3rd, 2017. Steve Kinsey was the supervisor representing Muir Beach to the Marin County Board for twenty (20) years, the longest serving member. With twenty years of history gone, this [...]

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Roads Update 04/04/17

"The repairs for Highway 1 above Green Gulch will continue for longer than planned, related to additional construction issues" said Dennis Rodoni, yesterday. CalTrans is now looking at completion in summer. No specific dates in summer have been provided for the re-opening of the Highway. The goal for the re-opening of the north section of [...]

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What water system do you want? Read the working group results.

On February 26, 2017, Muir Beach residents gathered in working groups to discuss their wishes for their water system, economically, ecologically and socially.  This was part of the Ad Hoc Water Committee Water Education Day. Process: Each group was assigned a facilitator and a note taker. Residents called out suggestions, which were captured [...]

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Best place to live, but will your home have water supply in 20 years?

That's what 70 residents from both older and newer community members gathered to find out on Water Education Day, February 26th, 2017. This was the very first of a series of events organized by the Ad Hoc Committee on Water spearhead by Lynda Grose. Homes in Muir Beach Gallons of Water Billings [...]

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