The voice of the community

Over the years, Ad Hoc Committees were formed to allow community members to share their expertise and have their voices heard on various community issues. Benefits are numerous:

Ad Hoc Committee Members can participate actively through research, provide in-depth reflections and discussions with their group that a Board meeting wouldn’t be able to schedule. The Ad Hoc Committees share their conclusions and make recommendations to the Board. Please consider joining a committee that matches your expertise.

Ad Hoc Committee on Sunset Way Project

Contact Silva/Hamilton-Rivers

Ad Hoc Committee on Spindrift Neighbor Issues

Contact Lynda Grose / Gary Friedman

Ad Hoc Committee on Community Skills Inventory

Contact Lynda Grose

Ad Hoc Committee on Audits

Contact Peter Lambert

Ad Hoc Committee on Current Personnel Matters

Contact John Lavine

Ad Hoc Committee on Fire Facilities

Contact John Rauh and Peter Lambert

Ad Hoc Committee on Grants & Financing

Contacy Murray / Cohon

Ad Hoc Committee on Trails

Contact Dave MacKenzie


Ad Hoc Committee on Water Education

Contact Lynda Grose lynda@muirbeachcsd(dot)com